Believing it is our job to “inspire audiences to give,” Fladeboe Auctions works closely with each client in the months leading up to the event to ensure the most successful auction possible. We understand the stress involved in planning a fundraising event and our goal is to make your auction run smoothly and efficiently while raising the maximum dollars possible!

A professional fundraising auctioneer knows how to conduct a fundraising auction.
A fundraising auction is different from any other kind of auction. The goal is not just to sell items, but to also get the audience excited about the mission of the organization. The auctioneer will remind the audience why it is important to bid high and bid often—“inspiring” them to give.

Live auctions and direct giving moments raise significant dollars.
Chances are, a large portion of the revenues raised at the event will come from the live auction and direct giving moment (fund‐a‐need). You trust professionals for catering and entertainment – you should do the same for the fundraising.

If the audience is having fun, chances are you will have a successful auction.
A professional fundraising auctioneer sees him/herself as an auctioneer and an entertainer. He/she knows how to keep the pace lively and interact with the audience in a fun and comfortable manner.

An experienced fundraising auctioneer can guide you toward what works and what doesn’t.
He/she will be able to tell you why a dinner party for ten with your board president as host and chef will create more enthusiasm (and bidding) than a fur coat or riding lawn mower. He/she will know how much similar live auction items have been selling for at other events and can help you to set attainable (and even exceed‐able) bidding goals for the audience.

Professional fundraising auctioneers will be with you every step of the way.
A professional fundraising auctioneer won’t just show up the night of the event to conduct the auction. He/she will take time to learn about your organization, your audience and your goals. You'll receive expert and experienced advice throughout the planning process.



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