December 16, 2015


It’s not too late to continue your fundraising efforts for this year. You’ve likely sent all your snail mail fundraising letters, but don’t forget email!


Online fundraising increases every year, so make sure you give donors an easy way to give online. Make sure your “Donate” button is prominent on your website and make the donation form super simple. Use social media to share inspiring stories and include a link to donate.


Additionally, send emails to folks who haven’t yet donated and ask them to make a gift! Here’s a short video from Movie Mondays and Steven Screen on exactly how to send those final important emails!


Happy holidays from the Fladeboe Team

Auction Tip

Raise Those Paddles

Many of our clients ask us whether using bidder paddles (“on a stick”) or bidder cards (no “stick”) is really necessary for the live auction. Bidders can just raise their hands, right?

It’s true raising hands can work. However, we’ve found having a bidder paddle or card really makes a difference in an auction. Practically, a bidder card is much easier for an auctioneer to see than a hand. Once an item is sold, it is very easy to record who won the item. All the auctioneer has to do is call out the bidder number and winning amount. The same applies to a fund-a-need – it’s easy to identify guests pledging at each level by calling out their bidder numbers.