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Power Bidders II

February 14, 2013

We want to revisit our post on attracting “power bidders” to your fundraising auction. Kathy Kingston of The Kingston Auction Company recommends positioning your live auction as a major networking event and getting your Board members involved.

It's critical to attract and engage supporters who can generously support your cause. Kathy writes a few reasons why folks don’t come to your event: 1) They weren’t personally asked, 2) They don’t think they’ll know anyone, and 3) They don’t think they’ll have fun. One simple, personal phone call can fix all that.

See Kathy's additional tips on procuring a stellar guest list for your next fundraising auction event!

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Donor Retention

January 17, 2013

For many, the fiscal year ended December 31 and the holiday rush is over, but we can’t stop to catch our breath for long! Whether or not we met our annual fundraising goals, we must focus on keeping the donors we have.

Unfortunately, most nonprofits have very low donor retention rates; and many don’t even know what their rates are. This is a costly mistake.

Consider this very important information from Jay Love, CEO of Bloomerang and SVP of Avectra. Begin tracking your donor retention rates, and you could truly double the lifetime value of your donor database!

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Donor Instinct

November 15, 2012

People want to be generous. As nonprofit professionals, we're in a position to help people act on this instinct!

Katya Andresen recently blogged about what drives people to give: their gut. As you work on your year-end communications, speak to the donor's heart -- not their head. No need to include a lot of statistics in your appeal. Tell them a story that makes them feel good! And then (clearly) ask them to make a gift.

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Keep in Touch

December 13, 2012

As you end the calendar year, we hope you'll focus on what really matters: your donors. Each donor is invaluable and needs to be treated as such. It is far easier and economical to keep an existing donor than to acquire a new one.

Make a point to set aside time for your donors during this busy season. Call them. Thank them. Send them a short note.

Let's make a firm resolution to do a better job of keeping in touch with our donors in the new year!

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Power Bidders

October 18, 2012

As you are gathering your auction items and prioritizing your volunteer needs, we know you are also finalizing your guest list. Every successful live auction typically has a handful of wealthy donors who are passionate about your cause, are capable of bidding high, and can continue their support all year. These are the folks who help build momentum and excitement during the auction!

Kathy Kingston of The Kingston Auction Company recently posted about how to attract these “power bidders” to your event. She recommends making audience development a year-round process. It’s never too late (or too early!) to start thinking about who to invite to your event. Fit this in as a priority today.

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Auction Tip

Raise Those Paddles

Many of our clients ask us whether using bidder paddles (“on a stick”) or bidder cards (no “stick”) is really necessary for the live auction. Bidders can just raise their hands, right?

It’s true raising hands can work. However, we’ve found having a bidder paddle or card really makes a difference in an auction. Practically, a bidder card is much easier for an auctioneer to see than a hand. Once an item is sold, it is very easy to record who won the item. All the auctioneer has to do is call out the bidder number and winning amount. The same applies to a fund-a-need – it’s easy to identify guests pledging at each level by calling out their bidder numbers.